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Unique promo codes in cross-channel Braze experience

What if I told you that Braze can send unique coupon codes and gift cards in multi-channel messages thanks to a built-in integration with Voucherify?

Unique promo codes in cross-channel Braze experience

Just look at the picture, which message seems more convincing to you?

Braze with/without Voucherify Integration

All you need to start is a Voucherify account connected with Braze. Voucherify delivers incentives of all types and formats. You can choose from:

in many formats like text, QR, and barcodes.

Imagine your promotional messages already equipped with unique codes that your customers can redeem immediately and which you can easily track.

To give you a better picture, we made a short library with some inspirations of promo campaigns created in Voucherify and distributed via Braze. Steal our ideas, customize workflows, and watch how your conversion rate grows!

How it works - Braze and Voucherify Integration

This is simple. Voucherify is an all-in-one platform that creates and distributes promo codes and gift cards to customer profiles in Braze. Braze puts these codes into customized templates delivered automatically to your audience.

Braze and Voucherify integration example

What’s important, you can track sent codes and monitor their performance in Voucherify dashboard. Every redemption, either successful or failed, is marked in real-time with customer and order details.

Voucherify rules engine enables you to customize incentives with diversified usage limits that keep your budget safe. And thanks to data sync, you can forward audience segmentation from Braze to Voucherify and target specific customers with your promotions.

At every moment, each code can be deactivated and every redemption can be rolled back. No matter the scale, you’re always in control.

You can use Braze Connected Content or Custom Attributes and send codes from Voucherify to customer profiles in Braze.

Braze code for distribution

Integration of Braze and Voucherify accounts is a piece of cake. And speaking precisely, it’s just a couple of clicks. Then you can create promotions, coupon campaigns, or referral programs to target specific segments of customers in Braze.

Engage customers better with unique codes

First, you grab customers’ attention. Second, you convince them to purchase. Third, you instil loyalty. Seems like a long way to go and many actions to take to turn a visitor into a loyal customer. And what if you could achieve all of that at once using Braze and Voucherify?

Data on incentive marketing

Following the Braze Magazine, great customer engagement starts at the start, and the truth is, you have one chance only to make a good first impression.

Fewer than 25% of the people who download an app will return to it the next day” (Braze Magazine)

Using Braze, you can create eye-catching messages and easily target them to new users via adjusted channels. Voucherify enables you to add personalized incentives into these messages and sharpen up offered experience.

Welcome discounts or gift card credits increase customer engagement and provide them with a good reason to give you a go.

“Emails containing coupons offer a 48% increase in revenue per email” (ReadyCloud)
Message with a discount coupon

You can generate unique codes and send them automatically when a new user signs up. As every new customer gets an individual one-off code, you can track conversion and calculate ROI with ease.

Reward loyalty with gift cards

There are many reasons why you should add gift cards to your sales strategy. Standing in consumer’s shoes, free credits are like free money. Why not spend them? Market data shows that gift cards not only drive more sales but also increase average order volume.

Gift cards are perfect for exclusive promotions sent in personalized messages to the most loyal customers. They express your gratitude for their loyalty and naturally lead your best audience to the next purchase.

Message with free gift card credits

Expand your reach with referral codes

In the ideal world, all your happy customers would share their opinion with friends or family and continuously extend your potential reach. In the real world, you need to invest some effort to convert satisfied customers into real brand advocates.

Not much effort luckily.

Voucherify gives you a simple manager to create referral codes for new customers and rewards for referrers. These double-sided referral campaigns are successfully leveraged by market giants like Uber.

Double-sided referral program with Voucherify

When you add a referral campaign to the Voucherify dashboard you can sync it with Braze and invite your existing customers to join the program.

Voucherify email message to join referral program

Reward referrers and engage new customers with well-targeted incentives. Choose from many discount types or gift credits in every currency.

Bring them back with automatic abandoned cart offer

Braze gives you a 1:1 customer profile with ongoing updates. Use these insights to capture dormant users and schedule automatic workflow that responds to prolonged inactivity.
Create a template in Braze with a custom attribute defining a unique code of incentive. It can be a gift card, a simple percentage discount, or many different incentives which you can a/b test in the Voucherify dashboard to choose the most effective one over time.

Automatic abandoned cart offer

Powerful API to manage promotions

When you already know how to create and deliver promo codes, you probably wonder what's next. How can your customers actually use their incentives? Voucherify was made to create, distribute, and manage all promo campaigns in one place. All you need is Voucherify API connected to your system.

This connection enables your customers to redeem codes delivered via Braze, straight in your app or website. After Voucherify API is synced with your system and the Braze account, you’ll get one consistent data flow providing integrity of your sales strategy.

Are you ready to try?

Sign up for a free trial and give Voucherify a try. You have 30 days to test your unique ideas for promotions, learn how to put them in your Braze messages, and feel the power of a new cross-channel experience created with incentives. No strings attached, no credit card needed.


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