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Case Study

Promotion Engine integrated in two hours

501-1000 employees
Customer since:

Interviewee: Matias Bonet, CTO

BOOK A TIGER was looking for a promotional platform that could manage vouchers through a robust API and that could be integrated instantly. It was of great importance for them to provide independence to the Marketing team to add/remove/modify campaigns and specific vouchers without IT intervention.

“Thanks to Voucherify, our Marketing team can be now more creative and independent in their campaigns without IT coordination.“

Key Challenges

  • Managing vouchers without developers
  • Changing the unfriendly UI of the old system
  • No coding of promotions
  • Having more efficient reporting tools

For BOOK A TIGER, finding the right infrastructure to handle vouchers and being able to handle the rule-complexity the Marketing team needed was of great importance.

Besides the functions, providing independence to the Marketing team to add/remove/modify campaigns and specific vouchers without IT intervention was also necessary. The company was looking for a solution with an isolated environment where the Marketing team could operate without changing codes. The ability to pull reports of voucher use and status was also a criterion.


Discount Coupons
Gift Cards
Cart Promotions

It took 1 hour for frontend and 1 hour for the backend integration. Since then, the Marketing team is running creative campaigns without IT coordination.


Voucher management without IT support
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2-hour-long integration process
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