How Vodafone Portugal reduced time to market by using Voucherify?
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Case Study

Product Bundling and Access Management made easy

Publishing & Education
11-50 employees
Customer since:

Interviewee: Graham Lancashire, Managing Partner

Swift mission is helping users pass exams, for example, a driver’s exam or pilot’s exam. They sell physical products (i.e., books) as well as software (apps, online access to the tests). Exemplary products of Swift can be found here As Swift sells physical products on top of their apps, they needed to bundle online access with physical products. This approach would be impossible without a multi-platform solution for the voucher management which tracks and verifies purchased licenses. Voucherify has turned out to be the perfect fit for Swift strategy.

Product Bundling and Access Management made easy

"We have steadily grown our voucher-based business and Voucherify has enabled us to work better together with our partners."

Key Challenges

  • Bundling online and offline products
  • Reasonably priced promotion engine
  • License Management

Swift was looking for a multi-platform solution that would enable them to bundle online and offline products. They have tried other solutions – for example using a simple Wordpress license management system, but there was nearly no reporting and a cumbersome UI.

“In the process of choosing a new system we looked at many solutions, but none met our requirements at a reasonable price, other than Voucherify”

Swift’s team mentions great design (modern UI), ease of use, very responsive customer support, reliable and stable API and reasonable pricing as the main benefits of Voucherify. This is the solution they needed to help their business grow.

Product Bundling and Access Management made easy


Voucherify helps Swift with license management – that is selling access codes with physical products.

Also, they are in the process of implementing a partner shop for generating vouchers electronically via the API for resale to the partners' customers.

“We integrated Voucherify in several steps – starting with iOS, then Android and finally React Web. In all cases, the integration went fast and smoothly. In most cases, the documentation provided on Voucherify's website was all we needed, and in very rare cases when we needed to ask about something, our questions were answered very quickly.”


10x growth within a year
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