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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How a pharma giant integrated with Voucherify in less than a month

How a pharma giant integrated with Voucherify in less than a month

How a pharma giant integrated with Voucherify in less than a month
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This case study is based on a comment posted on Capterra by one of our clients. The client is from a health and wellness industry, based in the US, and wants to stay anonymous not to lose their competitive advantage gained thanks to using sales promotions.

"Voucherify is a great lightweight product that fills the gap in the ordering process and promotion management system nicely."
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Key challenges

  • The need for a Promotion Management System that could handle discount coupons valid only for certain product categories.
  • The lack of platform that would be quickly and easily integrated with their existing tech stack – Hybris, Salesforce and Marketing Cloud.

The client chose Voucherify because of its affordability, lightweight, non-intrusive application and plenty of out-of-the-box features. One of the most important features were ready integrations with CRM systems. Thanks to a readily available integration with Salesforce that Voucherify offers and Voucherify’s API-first build, they have managed to integrate in less than one month (their e-commerce is based on Hybris). They were mostly using percentage discount coupons applicable for certain product categories, with a minimum order value.

"Performance of the service call was great."

Here is a couple of features the client liked the most in Voucherify:

  • Well-documented API that made the integration very quick (1 month).
  • The design of the dashboard which is service-based, easy to understand and use by marketers, saving time for developers.
  • The traceability of each API call that greatly helped them troubleshoot the campaigns. Voucherify provides monitoring logs for developers and plenty of analytics for marketers, including failed and successful redemptions that can help monitor potential fraudulent activity and the API performance. Voucherify also has an API status page that informs in real-time about the API status.
  • Robust and flexible role-based authorization that allows to set different roles for different accounts and fine-grain what the specific role is authorized to do within the dashboard. It is great for enterprises clients who have plenty of stakeholders in the campaign management – marketers, developers, sales reps, customer service agents and product managers.
  • API performance – the API was always operational and the service call performance was great.
  • Metadata that helped the client customize the coupon campaigns. Metadata is Voucherify’s great advantage as it allows for custom campaign rules. This allowed our client to easily create product categories by adding certain metadata to the products from the same category, without the need to actually import all the products and create collections in Voucherify, which, in this case, would be much more work to maintain.
  • The redemption logs and the data quality, for example, the redemptions data that is not impacted (not disappearing) even if the old coupons were deleted. Voucherify has plenty of data available straight from the dashboard to make tracking of campaigns easier.
  • Possibility to import and export data easily (e.g., product and customer data).
"Import and export of data worked like a charm every time, even with special characters."


Fast time-to-market thanks to the easy integration
Easy campaign management thanks to data integrity
Troubleshooting made easy thanks to the traceability of each API call and robust reporting options
Reliability of the campaigns thanks to a reliable API performance
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