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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Bamboo increased acquisition with fraud-proof coupons

How Bamboo increased acquisition with fraud-proof coupons

How Bamboo increased acquisition with fraud-proof coupons
Food Delivery
11-50 employees
Customer since
Alan Haverty, CEO

Bamboo helps people get their meals on the run. They offer a mobile app for ordering food or coffee for collection at any time of the day, skipping the queue. Quick integration and extensive customer support helped Bamboo connect online and offline promotion efforts within days.

“When we had hiccups throughout the integration, Tom and the team on Slack were supportive, and we felt like we could drip in our questions as they came.”
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Key challenges

  • Having a flexible voucher management system in place.
  • Rewarding loyalty and encouraging users to make the first purchase.
  • Creating fraud-proof coupons to protect marketing budget.

Bamboo’s target audience is busy businessmen (and businesswomen) working in corporate areas who need to get their meals picked-up fast and effortlessly to keep up with the neck-breaking speed at work. The stores and restaurants (Bamboos’s clients) that join the program are looking for a solution to help them increase their throughput at busy times, and increase revenue due to online ordering benefits.

Bamboo saw an opportunity in launching a promotion management system. The company wanted to reward customers for gaining their loyalty or encourage them to do their first purchase. The key challenge was voucher management, mainly tracking redemptions, redeemed amounts, customer loyalty (repeated purchases), and fraud attempts.

"With three developers (with only about 6 years of industry experience combined) the integration took: a couple of days to plan out and about 9 days of development to fully integrate with the rest of our existing system (including our UI work on both applications and cleanup of our old custom build voucher system. "

They needed a system that would support the tracking of offline vouchers (posters in-store, cards, or flyers) and, more broadly, omnichannel management and distribution support. They wanted to have a fraud-proof promotion engine that would block the users who were attempting to commit fraud.

Bamboo has gone through a few other SaaS solutions, but the pricing was unacceptable for them. Voucherify turned out to be the best solution they have found to support their promotional strategy and support the distribution, tracking, and managing of the vouchers.

"We have asked for a couple of improvements, like easier and safer voucher creation (which has since been delivered) as well as more analytics and export abilities to make experimenting and accounting easier. "

Voucherify also helped them in launching a successful referral program. According to Bamboo, the pricing is fair and the API-focused approach satisfies a crucial need – flexibility and easiness of integration.


Fast launch of a referral program
Quick and developer-friendly integration
Increased customer acquisition rate
Easier voucher management
Fraud protection
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