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2022-10-19 5:00 pm
How Book A Tiger integrated Voucherify in two hours

How Book A Tiger integrated Voucherify in two hours

How Book A Tiger integrated Voucherify in two hours
501-1000 employees
Customer since
Matias Bonet, CTO

Book a Tiger is a Germany-based cleaning services company that provides a quick and easy way to hire professional cleaners for both home owners and businesses. Besides best-in-class quality, insurance, and dedicated customer support, customers who choose Book a Tiger's offer can save up to 20% thanks to tax deduction.

The Book a Tiger's team was used to managing vouchers in-house with a simple tool built by their internal team. However, soon they realized that this approach won't scale. They were looking for a promotional platform that could manage vouchers through a robust API and that could be integrated instantly. It was of great importance for them to provide independence to the marketing team to add, remove and modify promo campaigns and specific vouchers without additional IT intervention.

“Thanks to Voucherify, our marketing team can be now more creative and independent in their campaigns without IT coordination.“
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Key challenges

  • Managing vouchers without developers.
  • Changing the unfriendly UI of the old system.
  • No coding of promotions.
  • Having more efficient reporting tools.

For BOOK A TIGER, finding the right infrastructure to handle vouchers and being able to handle the rule-complexity the marketing team needed was crucial. They could not spare plenty of additional development resources to build and maintain a promotion engine in-house. At the same time discounts and promotions were one of the key aspects of their digital marketing strategy to acquire and retain users.

Given the market volatility, Book a Tiger team also needed a flexible tool to report on promotions to prevent fraud and monitor key campaign metrics, such as redemption rates, most popular redemption channels, or the conversion rates.

It took one hour for frontend and one hour for the backend integration. Since then, the marketing team is running creative campaigns without IT coordination.


Voucher management without IT support
2-hour-long integration process
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