Using the Power of Networks with Affiliate and Referral Schemes

Using the Power of Networks with Affiliate and Referral Schemes

Using the Power of Networks with Affiliate and Referral Schemes
2-10 employees
Customer since
United Kingdom
Gabriel Isserlis, founder and CEO

Tutti is the platform for creative people where they can rent spaces for any creative need, whether it's a rehearsal, audition, photoshoot, film shoot, live stream, or others. It allows people to search for spaces and compare the options by using predefined filters, for example equipment, instruments, location, accessibility, parking, Wi-Fi, and a number of other options. Tutti works similarly to AirBnB, connecting property owners who want to rent their properties for artistic use with artists or event organizers. It offers a wide variety of properties for both, short- and long- term use, for example studios, halls, recording studios, kitchens, chapels, dance floors, and schools. The company operates in the UK, mainly in London. Their business model is based on 10% commissions paid by property owners for each successful booking. Their audience is mostly independent professionals and micro companies.

Key challenges

  • Building brand awareness. 
  • Increasing customer acquisition.

Tutti needed a Promotion Engine that would support discount vouchers, gift cards and referral programs. They also wanted a software solution that would be API-first and fit with their current microservices-based architecture that uses various API-based platforms, like Stripe, Segment, ActiveCampaign. 

They chose to go with Voucherify. They checked other API-first software providers but they had either much higher prices than Voucherify or did not offer all promotional scenarios in the basic package. Voucherify’s pricing structure that allows companies of all sizes to use all types of promotions – discount coupons, cart promotions, gift cards, referral and loyalty programs and bases the pricing on the actual use (the number of API calls) was perfect for Tutti’s needs. Moreover, Voucherify offers a native integration with Segment that is CDP of choice for Tutti (they use it to send new customer contacts to Voucherify) and with ActiveCampaign that Tutti uses for email campaigns.

The integration with Voucherify took seven days for Tutti, having two software engineers on board. The platform is built in Vue.JS using the Nuxt framework, and their back-end is in Node.JS. Their database is stored on MongoDB and everything is hosted on AWS. The seven days are counted from the beginning of the work on the integration until the first campaign could be launched. The documentation of Voucherify API was comprehensive and easy to follow for Tutti. 

Tutti is a start-up, therefore they need to focus on customer acquisition and building brand awareness. One of the ways they are reaching potential customers is through charity  organizations supporting artists in the UK, for example Incorporated Society of Musicians (, Making Music, One Dance UK, UK Theatre etc. that are publishing Tutti advertisements together with a discount for new customers who come from that source. 

Gabriel Isserlis, the founder, has created a short video guide on how discounts work on their website that shows well the UI solution they used for coupons application. Another way they are expanding their customer network is through word of mouth. They have just launched a single-sided referral program that rewards the referrers with 10 pounds if the referred customer signs up in the form of a rechargeable gift card. The gift card credit is then displayed when the customer is completing a check-out. They can opt in to use the credit towards their booking payment. 

As per distribution, for the moment Tutti is sending the discount coupons manually but is planning to use ActiveCampaign integration to automate the distribution. 


Integration completed in one week
Increased interest in Tutti offering
Out-of-the-box integrations with Segment and ActiveCampaign saved lots of developer time
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