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"Marketing is now a business of APIs not RFPs. Marketing and technology are no longer overlapping, they have become one," says Jonathan Mendez. And we, at Voucherify, can't agree more. We've been helping digital teams bury the hatchet between developers and marketers for 5 years now and what we've noticed after onboarding hundreds of customers is that successful marketers are the ones who understand technology.

This is especially true for CRM managers and lifecycle marketing experts.

Being tech-savvy allows them to embrace new approaches to decision making and innovation, and thus optimize marketing campaigns. This in turn translates to gaining respect and, ultimately, promotion.

When you browse CRM managers job offers, you always see requirements like this: "Understanding of the interconnectivity between technology and customer experience". The thing is that nobody is really specific about it. While there are a lot of general materials about how to learn to code or analyse data, there's much less about skills useful for day to day CRM operations.

200 OK exists to fill this gap.

The name comes from the machine-to-machine communication. More specifically, from the HTTP protocol that supports client-server communication in the realm of Internet applications. 200 OK is nothing more a status code telling that a server (or backend) has successfully received, understood, and accepted a client's (or app's) request. We hope you'll process our content the same way!

Mike Sędzielewski

Mike Sędzielewski

Co-founder of Voucherify and rspective. Fan of API-solutions for marketing automation and headless approach in digital marketing and sales. In private, he enjoys reportage and everything non-fiction.

Kate Banasik

Kate Banasik

Product Manager with prior experience in Marketing. Fan of efficiency and automation. Privately, traveler and outdoors enthusiast.

Julia Krzak

Julia Krzak

Content Development Specialist supporting the marketing team and content creation. Obsessed with all things modern marketing. Loves gaming and reading.

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