How to manage mass refunds and gift cards in the time of pandemic

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Architecture of customer loyalty software — a guide for product managers

How to find the right customer loyalty software? Which features does my loyalty program need? Architecture of a good loyalty program software.

The ultimate guide to customer retention incentives

How you can incentivise your customers to increase customer lifetime value and what it takes to implement the most effective customer retention strategies.

How to choose the best loyalty program software for your business?

Looking for top features of the best loyalty program software? Easy integration, personalization, and affordability are a great start for every loyalty program.

Why I think H&M is an example of a bad loyalty program

H&M invested lots of effort in building their Club for loyal customers and failed expectations with poor experience. Read on to see why I think you can do better while investing less in your customer retention strategy.

Measuring loyalty: loyalty program metrics explained.

Curious to learn what NPS, RPR or CLV stand for? Learn what all these metrics mean for your loyalty campaign and customer loyalty in general.

How to stop loyalty program fraud in 8 simple steps

8 anti-fraud practices for loyalty program fraud detection and prevention you should start using today. Protect your incentives and get the desired ROI from your loyalty scheme.

The Blemishing Effect – a secret tactic to boost your sales

Include a small con in order to bolster customers’ positive evaluations of your products. Sounds crazy? No, it's just the Blemishing Effect.

Primacy and Recency Effect - How product order impacts your sales?

Does the order matter? Yes, order matters. In fact, order matters for a lot of things. Learn how to apply the Primacy and Recency Effect in your marketing initiatives.

The Licensing Effect: A rarely used tactic to get your visitors to splurge

The licensing effect - how to encourage your customers to splurge? Use the power of behavioral marketing and reciprocity for your e-commerce strategy.

Shopping Momentum - what is it and how you can use it to your advantage?

Why is it that regular customers tend to spend more than new ones? Check out our newest blog post to learn about Shopping Momentum and use it in your daily business operations.

The Decoy Effect: A pricing strategy you don’t want to overlook

The Decoy Effect? If you can compare your product favourably against a competitor’s product, then you should do it.

10 promotion gamification examples you need in your marketing strategy

Psychology behind gamification explained. Ideas and examples on how to get started with promotions gamification.

Field-tested Happy Hours marketing ideas that will boost your sales

How to use flash sales and happy hour campaigns for your business? Step-by-step happy hours strategy and inspirations.

How to use discount marketing to increase your ROI

Transport, healthcare, travel, fitness companies (and many more) prove that discounts can be effective tool for ROI no matter the business type or size.

How to give to receive - a guide on cause related marketing

Follow the lead of giants of cause-related marketing and see the power of reciprocal marketing.

The Definitive Guide to Personalised Promotions - tips, best practices and examples.

Find out what is the secret of personalized promotions and how they can help you leverage your promotional activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Profits – examples and ideas of how to use CSR to drive sales.

Never heard of Corporate Social Responsibility? Your competitors haven't either. Learn how to use CSR to stay ahead of the crowd and drive sales.

Coupon reminders - a must-have for your marketing strategy

Sending a coupon code is a piece of cake but driving customers to purchase is the real challenge? Coupon reminders may be the answer you're looking for.

Best practices for B2B rebates and incentives

Tips and best practices on running digital promotions for B2B companies. What kind of rebates to offers as a B2B business?

15+ sales promotion examples

Special offers, coupons, gift cards, auto-applied basket-level discounts, free samples and products, flash sales, BOGO, referral and loyalty programs and more.

The 6 substantial features your gift cards management software should provide in 2020

What does your gift card management software need? Personalization, Digitization, and Automation.

How to get more leads with personalized coupons?

How personalized coupons can help revive your marketing channels and build great relationships with your customers? Best practices for implementing coupons for generating more leads.

Blowing the whistle – how to combat referral abuse and fraud?

A ready-to-go list of technical security tools and practical steps you need to take to protect your referral program from potential fraud.

How to develop a successful Coupon Marketing Strategy and increase your conversion rates - The Ultimate Guide

How to create a coupon strategy that works? How to launch a personalized coupon strategy? Coupon campaign ideas and distribution possibilities explained.

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