Referral programs, webhooks, campaign monitoring - February newsletter

We’re really proud to announce a massive update to Voucherify. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Referral programs
  • Webhooks
  • Campaign performance monitoring
  • Offline coupon tracking with the mobile app
  • Visual code importer
  • Multiple auth keys per project

Also, we’ll soon be releasing a public roadmap. You’ll be able to see where our focus is at any moment and comment or submit your requests. Watch out for our email! Meanwhile, enjoy the read!

Referral programs

We’ve launched a new type of referral campaign in beta. The basic workflow is as follows: 

  • Define what the rewards are for the referrer and the person referred
  • Define when the referrer gets the reward
  • Define the action when the referrer actually gets the reward, so far these are the possibilities: webhook callout, sms (Twilio) or email (coming soon).

We’ve been putting our effort into making reward schemes flexible, e.g. you can now use customer segments to define under what circumstances a reward should be triggered for a referrer. Learn more about creating referral campaigns by going thru our “Refer 10 friends to get a $100 gift card” tutorial.


As mentioned above, we’ve introduced webhooks to expand the integration possibilities of your coupon infrastructure. For now, you can configure the following 2 webhooks:

  • Referral program webhook (described in the first section)
  • Redemption webhook - invoked when a redemption is made. Voucherify lets you select which redemption statuses should trigger the callout. Learn how to configure your endpoint.

Campaign performance monitoring

The new module gives you an overview of all campaigns effectiveness much more quickly than with the use of Vouchers view or fetching data manually with the API.

Offline coupon tracking - Voucherify App

Download the Android or iOS app, log in to your account and voila! - from now on you can verify and redeem both text-based coupons and QR codes right in your store.

Visual code importer

This new wizard will streamline the data import by helping you map data into custom fields.

Multiple auth keys per project

The new update also brings a new extension to the authorization module. Now you can add (and revoke) any multiple access keys you want to share with your partners. It works for both application and client keys.

And much more

  • Vouchers, Redemption, Segment, and Validation rules filters got a new look.
  • You can create “only once per customer” campaigns without the fuss.
  • Customer profile stores more details about your shoppers e.g. coupon redemption history, geolocation, birthday etc. Use them to create even more specific segments.
  • If one of your campaigns is coming to an end and you think it might be a good idea to extend, you’ll be happy to learn about the “Add vouchers to this campaign” feature!


We didn’t forget about developers either:

  • Check out the updated SDKs.
  • The logs view has been equipped with a basic audit trail.
  • We added Twilio integration as part of a referral program. An update is coming soon.

Enterprise plan

Finally, we’ve become ready to help you with mission critical projects. Need a custom integration or a better throughput? Get in touch with one of our technical account managers to talk about everything you are interested in: