Coupon numbers under control - How to secure ROI by coupon limits?

Learn Voucherify’s features which restrict coupon usage.

Limits of coupon usage should be adjusted to the campaign goals and be flexible enough to face the dynamics of unexpected changes. With this article, we will show you how to restrict coupon usage and make redemptions a reliable measure of a campaign success.

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With Voucherify you can define coupon usage with many properties:

  • Total number of coupon redemptions
  • Number of redemptions count per customer
  • Number of redemptions count per customer among the whole campaign
  • Auto-extending with auto-update mode


The total number of a code redemptions

Whether you run a fixed-code campaign (a public code to attract new customers by sharing through social media and other channels) or a campaign of unique coupons (a bulk of unique, one-off codes) you can set the total number of code redemptions according on your goals: 

  • Coupon can be redeemed once only






  • Coupon can be redeemable unlimited number of times





  • Coupon can be used a predetermined number of times—Voucherify enables you to set any custom value as a redemption number


The number of redemptions count per customer

Validation rules allow marketers to limit code redemptions count per single customer. The most popular marketing strategy limits voucher usage to the one per client. This practice is common especially in companies which use public, fixed-code campaigns.

Why only once?

  • The once-per-customer rule is useful in campaigns turned toward acquiring new customers. You can be sure that after a valid order a new client won’t use the code again.
  • Other benefits appear while running A/B tests. You're guaranteed that the number of redemptions is limited to the number of attracted customers.


The number of redemptions per customer among the whole campaign

You can choose to restrict the number of redemptions per customer among the whole campaign. This property can be combined with the once-per-customer rule or any other custom redemption limit.


Auto-update mode

Coupon strategy is based on constant testing and searching. When a campaign requires dynamic changes in its limits or size, Voucherify provides an auto-update mode.  Depending on a current campaign performance, it’s automatically extended with the needed coupon amount. 

Let’s assume you’ve created a campaign with 1,000 unique codes which became an unexpected success. In auto-update mode, Voucherify will automatically extend the pool of coupon codes accordingly to the number of attracted customers. There is no need to create another campaign with the same pattern. No matter the growth scale, campaign data is gathered in one place, and you can easily analyze the success rate.


Under control

When coupons are put in numbers, you need to ensure customers will hold on to the limits. In the Voucherify dashboard, you’ll find a current redemption status of every voucher. If a code has already been redeemed the available number of times, the app ensures it cannot be used again. 



Effective limits on coupon usage are reflected in a more accurate ROI. You can eliminate misuses which misshape campaign metrics and harm your budget. Once your customers stick to the rules, you can be sure that redemptions are entirely represented in campaign revenues.