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The marketing stack that got us to first 5 paying customers

September 26, 2017

Voucherify is for software developers who want to deliver business value fast.

The marketing stack that got us to first 5 paying customers

To meet these requirements we decided to focus on content marketing to get traction in the first place. And then to concentrate on making customer experience great - as we believe that happy customer becomes the best marketing channel overall. This is the list of marketing tools that help us implement this strategy. 

Readme.io - a clear docs page is one of the deciding factors when considering integration with API-based SaaS platforms. Readme makes describing API reference easy. With Readme you can publish complex API endpoints descriptions and How to tutorial in minutes. Additionally, collaboration capabilities, theme builder, change logs help you build a great, interactive developer hub. Go to our spec to see it in action!

Statuspage - transparency is another critical factor for tech people that decide whether to include or not a SaaS into their technology stack. Statuspage can help you twofold here. Firstly, you can publish your stability metrics to show that your system is operational. Secondly, you can allow customers to subscribe for planned and unplanned downtime updates.  

Github and package managers - open source projects related to your SaaS like e.g. SDKs are good transparency enhancers too. And there’s no more popular place to submit your libraries than community around Github. Developers would also appreciate if you post the libraries to well-known package managers for the given technology such as npmjs.com for Node.js, rubygems.org for Ruby or cocoapods.org for iOS.

Slack - we found out that the best way to understand the customer is to talk directly to software developers. Tech people don’t feel like arranging skype/phone calls though. They’re more comfortable with instant messengers. That’s why we created a Voucherify slack channel and it worked out just fine. Thanks to slackin we launched a signup form in less than 10 minutes.

SEO/backlings - to create landing pages and this blog we leverage the WYSWIG editor of Squarespace and Strikingly. Apart from social networks we post Voucherify profiles to industry aggregators such as: ProgrammablewebCapterra or Getapp. Finally, for SEO monitoring we use Positionly and Mention. Positionly to see if the content we publish gains popularity (backlinks) and Mention with a 1 keyword, free plan to understand who talks about us in the web.

Traffic analysis - pretty standard toolset Google Analytics and Woopra. Sometimes we tap into Inspectlet to figure out the details of users’ behaviour.

Social - Buffer - with free plan is enough to push out our content to social media regularly. Meetup is also worth mentioning. We use it to organize events like SaaS Tech or NodeSchool.

Intercom - when you acquire your first customers, you’d better make sure your onboarding process gives great experience. As we found out the big part of marketing happens just there, in the free trial stage. Intercom works out for this job at Voucherfiy. We use it for drip campaigns, support, customer analytics, newsletters and many more. We wouldn’t hesitate to call it our primary CRM tool.

Last but not least, we use Voucherify for coupon campaigns like this 3 month free subscription for the blog readers :)

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