How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
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Abandoned Cart Coupon

Sending automated, targeted messages to recover shoppers who left products in their cart without completing the purchase can help you boost purchases and improve your conversion rates.


Send an automatic email message containing a -5% discount coupon for the whole order if a user abandons the cart. Make the discount valid for 24 hours to nudge the customers to complete their orders.

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Best Practices

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To protect your coupon offers from fraud, you should limit the coupon usage to once per customer or to several times per year or quarter.
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To increase the urgency of your offer, you can generate codes with a short expiry date.
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This type of campaign can also help with your up-selling and cross-selling as you may base the discount on your inventory.
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Be sure to add coupon reminders to your offer to remind customers about their unfinished orders.
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Use distribution channels that are the most convenient for customers, such as email messages, SMS, or push notifications.
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Main benefits

On average, 67% of customers abandon their carts on ecommerce websites. Offering limited-time discounts have become the perfect way to nudge the customers along the sales funnel.

Research says that the abandoned cart offers recover between 3% and 11% of orders. Instant messages with a 5% to 10% discount are usually enough to note a significant uplift in recovery rates.

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