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Auto-applied Discount for Specific Product

Auto-applied promotion for a specific product or a product category can effectively boost your up- and cross-selling strategies.


Offer a 10% discount for your high-margin product category for a limited time to boost sales. Limit the promotion to once per customer and to a maximum of 5 products per customer to avoid people trying to abuse the promotion rules.

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Best Practices

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Limiting the number of products available on sale per customer will help you fight abuse.
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If you offer unlimited product quantities, some people might buy more and resell your products at a slightly higher price once your promotion is over.
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It is also advisable to introduce a minimum order value for this type of promotion.
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Main benefits

This type of promotion helps you promote a specific product or a product category. It is a great way to increase the sales of products or categories that are not selling well independently. This type of deal can also help you eliminate surplus stock, products you are planning to discontinue, or products with higher margins or new launches. It is a standard sales promotion used primarily in ecommerce by B2C brands.

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