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Gift Card Giveaway for a Survey

Get the feedback or personal data from your customers by offering them participation in a fun giveaway.


If you are a beauty brand, create a quiz about the customer's preferences, eye and hair color to get to know them better and offer personalized content and promotions in the future. If someone completes the quiz, offer them an entry to an instant win giveaway – every 10th person who completes the quiz gets a 10$ gift card for your products.

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Best Practices

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You can offer a bigger reward in the giveaway and incentivize fewer people, for example, a 100$ gift card for every 100th person.
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You can launch an instant giveaway where every X user wins the reward or select winners manually.
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Main benefits

It is a gamified way to incentivize your customers to share their data or opinion with you. 

Offering incentives to some customers who fill out the quiz is cheaper than offering it to every customer. You can offer a bigger discount or perk in the giveaway than giving the discount to each customer who fills out the survey. In this example, from a customer perspective, 1$ for everyone would sound less attractive than 10$ for every 10th person (while it costs you the same amount).

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