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Loyalty Program for Subscription Business

A loyalty program that decreases the subscription price based on how long someone is subscribed.


Build a loyalty program that reduces a customer's subscription cost by a small amount each time they're billed. The longer they are your customers, the larger the discount they receive. You can do that by, for example, segmenting customers based on the length of the subscription to date and creating different discount effects for different segments.

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Best Practices

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Ensure that if customers unsubscribe and subscribe again, their score should be reset to the basic level.
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Consider setting a cap on the maximum possible discount to avoid giving away subscriptions for free.
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Main benefits

You can encourage customers to stick around for longer with a creative subscription-based discount. This strategy helps keep users for longer and prevents them from going to your competition. Also, it can make them pay for a subscription even though they might not use it during a specific time (otherwise, they would lose the discount). This way, you can gratify your most loyal customers. 

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