How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
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Newsletter Sign-up Discount

Offer an automatic discount to all customers who subscribe to your newsletter.


Offer 10$ discount for next purchase if someone subscribes to the newsletter, only if the minimum order is worth at least 100$.

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Best Practices

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Make sure this discount has a once per customer limit to avoid customers unsubscribing and subscribing again to get the discount multiple times.
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Add a minimum order amount to incentivize customers to spend more in your store.
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You can also offer different discounts like free shipping, free product, percentage discount as a welcome incentive.
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A/B test which type of discount and in which amount works best to get customers to subscribe to the newsletter.
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Main benefits

Increasing brand awareness with the newsletter helps you stay top of mind. This type of deal also gives you the possibility to contact customers with special offers via email. 

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