How Pomelo attracted thousands of customers with personalized coupons?
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Product Cross-selling Coupons

Send automatic recommendations based on past purchases, including a discount on similar products.


If your customer previously purchased products for babies in your store, send them a selection of similar products and a unique coupon code for a -10% discount for the product category “For babies,” valid for the next week and for orders above 30$, only applicable to that product category.

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Best Practices

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Keep the offer active for a short time to motivate your customers to complete the purchase.
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You can do it more than once per customer, but preferably not after every purchase. Otherwise, customers will come to expect it and stop shopping without the discount. You could keep it once in a season or once per year, for example.
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Let your customers change their product preferences by giving them a link to update their preferred product categories. Maybe they wanted to buy baby products only once, for a friend, and in reality, they prefer other products.
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Main benefits

It is a personalized campaign that offers incentives that appeal to customers as it involves products of their particular interest and not randomly selected items. 

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