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Referral Program with Loyalty Points as Reward

Reward your referrers and referees by giving them loyalty points.


Customers earn loyalty points through making referrals (1 referral = 100 points). Points can be exchanged for free rides in your app. Each referral code can be redeemed up to 3 times, granting loyalty members up to 300 points.

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Best Practices

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Explain the rules and the value/exchange rate of your loyalty points well, as it is quite a complex promotion.
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Make sure to include the maximum number of possible referrals to prevent users from gaming the system.
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You can offer different rewards for the referees and referrers. Consider using loyalty points for referrers and discounts for invited users.
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Main benefits

If you reward your customers with loyalty points, you are confident they will spend them in your store. It is cheaper than giving material products because it is likely that a part of the points will never be redeemed. 

Customers can choose what they will spend their points on, making this incentive more attractive than fixed material rewards.

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