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Referral Program with Subscription as Reward

Double-sided referral program offering subscription prolongation as a reward for both a friend and advocate.


You can offer one month of subscription for free for both referrer and referee if the referee joins the platform thanks to the referral. Only valid if the referee starts the subscription and pays for any subscription plan.

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Best Practices

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Install a reward mechanism that ensures that the referees who actively use your product are counted as successful referrals.
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Alternatively, you can choose to make this program one-sided (only the referrer gets the reward).
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You can also offer a free account upgrade for a month for all successful referrals.
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It is essential to limit the referral code’s redemption limit to protect your platform from being abused by indefinite premium account holders.
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Main benefits

Product-based rewards translate directly into higher product engagement. This combined with word-of-mouth marketing, can dramatically boost your credibility and nudge more than a few hesitant clients to use your services. 

A free month of subscription is more of an incentive than a subscription discount and might get the referees to start using the service free of charge to get hooked on your product. This is especially important if you do not offer a free trial. Giving your product subscription is relatively cheap and ensures that your customers will stay loyal to your subscription-based service or product.

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