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Tiered Discount

A multi-level cart discount that offers different discount levels based on the order value.


Run a multi-level cart promotion with distinct order value break tiers: If customers spend: $100.00 or more – 10% off. $250.00 or more – 15% off. $500.00 or more – 20% off. $1000.00 or more – 25% off.

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Best Practices

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Limit the promotion budget on the campaign level or on the customer level to avoid wasting your budget. This will help in preventing fraud. For example, a customer could buy many products for many smaller customers to get a bigger discount.
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Make sure to limit the number of tiers to make your promotion easy to understand at a glance.
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Limit the total discount amount to ensure that the discount value cannot exceed a predefined amount.
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Main benefits

Tiered pricing is a fantastic way to encourage shoppers to buy more by applying discounts based on the quantity ordered. 

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